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The Magus Ultimate Attenuator for sale online and in our Chicago amp shop.

The Magus Ultimate Attenuator

The Magus Ultimate Tube Amp Attenuator  makes a bold statement with results to back it up.  The Ultimate Attenuator lets you hear the tone of a cranked up amp without disturbing the entire neighborhood.  Forget about stepped levels, presets, poor frequency response and tone dulling effects of passive attenuator designs, the Ultimate Attenuator lets you keep your tone from bedroom to concert levels and everywhere in between.

The Ultimate Attenuator overcomes many issues including outdated engineering concepts, inaccurate volume controls and destructive tone circuitry providing rock solid stability that lets you hear your amp the way you like it.


Magus ultimate attenuator front

The front of the Ultimate Attenuator has a volume knob with smooth taper and a True Bypass switch.

magus ultimate attenuator back

The rear panel has variable level output, dual speaker outputs, 110-220 voltage switch and even a 100VAC tap.

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Ultimate Attenuator Specs:

• 200 watt max load capacity, works with any wattage tube amp

• works with 4, 8, and 16 ohm tube amps (optional 2 ohm version available)

• 100 watt maximum output

• 120v - 240v switchable (it's made to be played anywhere on earth with an outlet)

• true bypass switching

• non-stepped continuous volume control

• all steel construction

• fan cooled - whisper quiet fan keeps it cool

• dual speaker outputs

• plexi switch - switchable inductor coil adds brightness and presence

• bedroom switch - an -8db pad for extremely low volume use without tone degradation

• 100v fixed AC tap - protects amplifier components and tubes

• optional foot-switchable dual volume with LED indicator foot-switch available, allows player to switch between 2 different wattages seamlessly during performance with identical tone and drive, it's like having 2 amps on stage with the ability to control the volume of each independently


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