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About Oohlala Manufacturing Pedals and Effects

Oohlala Manufacturing was founded to bring quality boutique gear to the world through melding designer, manufacturing and distribution linked together in prosperity.  Their gear sounds great and the have amazing paint jobs !  We offer Oohlala pedals for sale online and in our Chicago guitar shop.  Call now to place your Oohlala effects pedal order.

  The Ooh la la Cobalt
     oohlala cobalt pedal gets great reviews

What would happen if you married a high fidelity guitar preamp to a killer overdrive? Oohlala asked themselves the same question and came up with the Cobalt. The Oohlala Cobalt is a warm, flexible and highly customizable clean boost/overdrive designed for guitar and bass. The Cobalt is designed to be very responsive to your playing dynamics and is highly adaptable to many different instruments and amps. The Oohlala Cobalt can be used for everything from a transparent clean boost to that "amp on the edge of breaking up" sound, to a very open, high gain tube overdrive sound (even at unity gain settings!) with many subtle shades in between. The Oohlala Cobalt adds some serious punch to your sound without compromising the tone and feel of your instrument and amp.
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                                 Ooh la la  Manufacturing Inferno
              oohlala manufacturing inferno pedal

The Oohlala Electronics Inferno is a high gain, full range vintage germanium and silicon transistor fuzz. It has an incredibly dense, rich sound, not to mention some tasty sustain and compression. It's one hot Effect !


 Ooh la la  Oxygen
            ohlala oxegyen pedal

The Oohlala Oxygen (O2) features limiting threshold, gain, noise gate, compression ratio and "dirt" (which adds a nice analog tape type saturation to the mix) as well as compression release time/gate attack time. It also has an enabled/bypass indicator LED, as it can be hard to tell if the effect is on or not at lower compression settings due to its transparent compression qualities. The Oxygen can be powered from a 9v battery or via the DC power jack. From light, clean compression to a crunchy, high gain sound and everything in between. Oh yeah, did we mention the crazy sustain?

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        Ooh la la Quicksilver              
             oohlala pedals - try the quicksilver for great effects
The Oohlala Quicksilver is the ultimate stompbox delay. Warm, vintage delay sounds, swirly chorusing and vibrato, crazy runaway feedback effects, rockabilly slapback and sick ring modulation. Plus whatever demented sounds you can come up with by sticking other pedals in the delay feedback effects loop. The Oohlala quicksilver Pitch modulation, variable delay tone and separate short/long delay times switchable on the fly are just a few of the many features packed into the Oohlala Quicksilver.  A really cool delay pedal.


     Ooh la la Synth Mangler
            oohlala mangler pedals for sale
    The Oohlala Synth Mangler Features:
  • Two Soda Meiser-style fuzz's in one box
  • Each has its own volume control, hiss and chaos modes
  • The Joystick controls the intensity of both fuzz's
  • Built-in photo eye to use the Synth Mangler as a stand alone noise generator!


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  Ooh la la Truly Beautiful Disaster
           oohlala truly beautiful disaster fuzz pedal 

The TBD is simply an oscillating fuzz and a feed back loop with photo sensitive eye in one pedal. The oscillating fuzz is capable of hundreds of different fuzz tones with it's blend, fuzz, oscillation, and gate controls, while the feed back loop can mutate any of your other effects into a new noise generating machine of doom.  Try a Truly Beautiful Disaster today



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