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List of Chicago practice Spaces for Band Rehearsals


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Chicago Rehearsal, Studio and Practice Spaces List


Have a garage band or are you a pro looking for studio rehearsal or practice space ? It's hard to find a good practice space in Chicago.  We've have a hard time ourselves when we need to find rehearsal space.  We decided to post this list of Chicago practice spaces.  We do not endorse any practice space so we suggest you check them out for yourself.  Some have 24 hour access and varying levels of security and amenities.  A few even offer studio space.  The bottom line is do your homework before renting space ! 

Studios and practice space owners - please see the bottom of this page for suggestions on how we can work together to promote our businesses.

Web site Link
Description from Web
California Studios 2614 N. California  
Logan Square area, 10,000 SF of space, 24 hour access

The Fox Hole Chicago North Central Chicago   North central Chicago, a converted shoelace factory offering practice space as well as a variety of services including recording and voice over.

Soapbox Music 1612 N. Sawyer, Chicago  
They tout having the best practice space in the city. A comfortable environment without  distractions, this place just feels right. Visit the web site for more details.

Old Chocolate Factory 4710 W. Augusta Blvd.   
20 spaces

Superior Street 2744 W Superior St.  
100 practice spaces

Redlight Studios 367 N Karlov  
50,00 feet of space in 2 locations

Redlight Studios 1648 W. Kinzie  
50,00 feet of space in 2 locations

Sonic Palace 6545 West North Ave
- Oak Park, IL -

Universal Space/The Space Place 1233 N. Ashland, Chicago  
Monthly and hourly, secure

Music Zone 244 W 16th St  
312- 666-8292
80 spaces - (312-446-4866)

Sound Space Grand near Levitt  
See contact us page

      47 units, near Grand and Levitt, contact them through web site for appointment

The Music Lab 3618 N Lincoln Avenue  
George: 312- 418-0449
Lincoln Square neighborhood

Riff Raff Rehearsal Cermak and Michigan  

Alien Audio Studios 4122 S Union  
    They say they are the most affordable rehearsal place in Chicago.  Check them out for yourself

Kildare Studios 2649 N. Kildare Ave   773-708-2439   Kildare Studios is musician owned and operated studio rehearsal space which is why they understand the need for value without compromising quality.


Rehearsal space chicago bands

Do you have a popular practice space or studio ?  If so we would like to exchange links with you.  Just add our web site link to your site with the description "Buy vintage guitars, amps and effects in Chicago" then send your site info and the URL where you have posted our link and send your link exchange request to   Sorry, only Chicago area recording studios and rehearsal spaces will be considered for inclusion on this page.

Want to exchange literature ?  We would be happy to display your practice space or studio literature in our shop if you will display our guitar and repair shop cards in your practice space or recording studio.  Please contact us to request an exchange of literature.


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