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Buy a Vintage Fender Stratocaster, Jaguar and Jazz Master or Vintage Gibson SG, EB0, EB3 or Les Paul Junior.
 Vintage Gibson SG, Gibson Les Paul Junior, Firebird, L6s, EB-0!
Buy a Vintage Fender Stratocaster, Jaguar and Jazz Master or Vintage Gibson SG, EB0, EB3 or Les Paul Junior.
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Rock N Roll Vintage is a vintage gibson guitar dealer selling gutars online and in a Chicago showroom.  We often have Les Paul guitars from the 50's, 60's and 70's including SG, Firebird, SG, arch top es-335, es-125 and eb0 and eb-2 bass.

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ES-345 semi-hollow body   ES-335 arch top EB-0 Bass EB-2 and EB-3 Bass • Gibson Firebird


RNR sells vintage Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster and Vintage Gibson SG and Les Paul guitars.




Gibson SG guitar photo

Rock N Roll Vintage is a Vintage Gibson
Guitar and Bass Dealer in Chicago




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Looking for a great Original Vintage Gibson Guitar like an Explorer, Firebird, Les Paul Custom or SG Junior or just a great playing used Gibson?

You've come to the right place. Contact Rock N Roll Vintage for a wide range of Rare and Vintage Gibson Guitars from fellow vintage Gibson guitar enthusiasts.

We will give you a great price on a Goldtop, Reissue, ES335, L6S, Les Paul Junior or other original arch top, semi-hollow or solid body vintage Gibson guitar. Don't forget we often carry EB-0 or EB-2 bass guitars too.  New rare vintage Gibson electric guitars are arriving daily and often sell before we have a chance to list them on our web site or auction them on ebay.  Please contact us if you want to purchase an amp, guitar or pedal.  We can work with you over the phone or arrange a showing in our Chicago showroom.  We can also work off of a want list if you're looking for a particular guitar.  Just give us a call and we can add your guitar to our want list.  Please browse our web site, we are sure you'll find vintage gibson guitars or amps you like.

A group of marshall amps and vintage Gibson SG guitars, no archtops or arch top guitars here !

Here are a few recently SOLD Vintage Gibson SG guitars and Marshall amps.  We often have vintage SG Junior guitars and Vintage Gibson bass guitars for sale.  Please call or email us for our current inventory.  We offer great prices and have a wide range of guitars and often carry SG, Junior, Les Paul, ES-335, ES-345, EB-0, EB-1, EB-2 and EB-3 bass guitar models.   This photo includes  many Les Paul SG Juniors, several Vintage SG bass guitars as well as vintage Gibson SG standard guitars.  We also often have Flying v, Birdland, L5s, and Eb0, Grabber and Ripper basses.

Here are a few more of our favorite SOLD guitars and basses

1957 Gibson Les Paul Goldtop photo used 1970 Gibson SG guitar photo 1979 gibson les paul silverburst guitar photo
1957 Les Paul Goldtop 1970 SG 1979 Les Paul custom silver burst
1966 Gibson ES 335 TDC photo 1966 Gibson es330 guitar and case photo
1966 ES 335 TDC 1961 Vintage ES 175 Guitar 1966 Gibosn ES 330 Guitar
1957 Gibson Les Paul Junior photo 1962 Gibson SG Les Paul Jumior in Cherry photo Les Paul Double neck photo
1957 Les Paul Junior 1962 SG Les Paul Junior Les Paul Double Neck
1985 gibson les paul custom photo 1964 EB0 bass photo 1967 EB2D bass photo
1985 Les Paul Custom 1964 EB0 bass 1967 EB2D Bass
1969 Eb1 bass photo 1974 gibson ripper bass photo 1978 gibson grabber bass photo
1969 EB1 Bass Used 1974 Gibson Ripper Bass 1978 Grabber Bass



Here are a links to few more great looking large
Vintage Gibson Guitar Photos  ....

1960 ES-330TD Guitar

1965 EB0 bass Guitar

1969 Super 400CES Archtop guitar in Blonde finish

1958 Gibson ES-225T

1976 Vintage Gibson Black Beauty

We sell vintage Gibson flying v guitars at the best prices

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We serve the needs of the casual used & vintage Gibson guitar and bass
guitar buyer and the serious vintage guitar collector and investor.


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