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Photos and info on vintage gibson les paul guitars including the goldtop, les paul sepecial, deluxe and custom solid body guitars.
Photos and Information on Gibson Les Paul Guitars


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Gibson Les Paul Guitars -  A brief history and popular models

The Gibson Les Paul name was used on a variety of guitars including the Les Paul Standard, Custom, Special, Deluxe, and Junior.  The first solid body Les Paul model appeared in 1952 as a Les Paul Standard goldtop, not very playable but very collectable.  It featured a glued on neck, ornate fingerboard inlays and a unique gold top with mahogany sides and back.  The Les Paul Custom was available starting in 1954 and featured a 3rd pickup.  The Les Paul Special was introduced in 1955 The Les Paul Standard arrived in 1958 and replaced the Gold top.  The new standard had a three tone sunburst finish but was essentially identical to the goldtop.  The Deluxe was a late comer arriving in 1970 and was discontinued in 1984. The Les Paul solid bodies are one of the most successful electric guitars of all time and remain in production today.

1953 gold top
Example of a 1952 Gold top

The 1952 Les Paul Standard Goldtop

First introduced in 1952, the Les Paul Goldtop is a very collectable les paul guitar.  The 1955 variation had the entire body painted in gold.  The Gold Top was replaced by a sunburst standard in 1958.   

1980 les paul standard

The 1980 Gibson Les Paul Standard

Reintroduced in 1976 after being replaced by the LP Deluxe in 1970.

1980 Les Paul Standard
1968 gibson les paul custom

Les Paul Custom

The Les Paul Custom was introduced 1954 as a 3 pickup guitar.  The custom was the high end Les Paul model.  Upon introduction it featured a mahogany top, single cutaway body, mahogany back and neck, one P-90 pickup in the bridge position and one Alnico V pickup in neck.  The bridge was a tune-o-matic and a Bigsby vibrato was optional.  Deluxe fingerboard inlays and gold plated parts were also standard.  It was discontinued in 1963 when the SG model was introduced however it was brought back in 1968 with dual humbucker pickups and is still in production. 

1968 Gibson Les Paul Custom
1972 les paul custom in silverburst

1979  Gibson Les Paul Custom

Another example of a Custom in Silverburst.

1979 Les Paul Custom in Silverburst

1968 Gibosn Les Paul black beauty

A 69 The LP Custom

A 1969 model of the LP custom also known as the black beauty.

1969 Les Paul Black Beauty
1958 les paul special tv yellow

The Gibson Les Paul Special

The Les paul special was introduced in 1955 and was an entry level student model.  It featured a mahogany single cut slab body, 2 P-90 pickups, dot fingerboard inlays, nickel plated parts.  This Special has an optional "TV" finish and is an early 58 single cut model.  In mid 1958 the body style was changed to a double pointed "SG" style which became just the SG when the Les Paul name was dropped.

Early 1958 Les Paul Special in TV Yellow
1959 Gibson les paul special

A 59 Les Paul Special

Notice the change to a double cut body !

1959 Gibson Les Paul Special
gibson les paul deluxe

The Les Paul Deluxe

First available in 1970 and discontinued in 1984.  Replaced the Les Paul standard for a time.  Utilized a four piece body 2 mini-i-humbucker pickups and a 3 piece neck.  In 1985 the Les Paul Deluxe was dropped.

1976 Gibson Les Paul Deluxe



Gibson's Les Paul Junior

The LP Junior was a single pickup student guitar introduced in 1954.  The LP Jr. featured a Mahogany single cutaway slab body, a single P-90 pickup, dot fingerboard inlays, black pick guard and nickel plated hardware.  In 1958 the Les Paul Junior went to a double cut body which later became the sculpted double cut "SG" look (see photo below).

1955 Single Cut Les Paul Junior
1961 les paul double cut junior

The Gibson Les Paul SG Junior

This guitar is really a post-transition model showing the new SG body style and a Les Paul in name only.  This single pickup student guitar was renamed the "SG" model shortly after the new body style was introduced in 1961.

1961 Les Paul Double Cut Junior in SG body style

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