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Buy a Vintage Fender Stratocaster, Jaguar and Jazz Master or Vintage Gibson SG, EB0, EB3 or Les Paul Junior.
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Buy a Vintage Fender Stratocaster, Jaguar and Jazz Master or Vintage Gibson SG, EB0, EB3 or Les Paul Junior.
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Vintage amp Photo and picture Gallery
Photos of vintage amps including Fender Bassman, Gibson GA 40, Marshall JMP, and the Fender Champ

RNR sells vintage Fender Stratocaster, Telecaster and Vintage Gibson SG and Les Paul guitars.


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Here Are A Few Pictures Of Our Favorite Vintage Amps We Recently Sold.  If your'e selling your amp please give us a shot, we would like to buy it !
Don't forget to check out our Vintage Guitar photos gallery !

Here are a few photos of vintage amps we sold over the past 2 years.  We hope you enjoy these photos.  Some of these are high resolution images so please allow time for the images to load. 

national amp - glenwod 2x12 model     fender bassman front with jbl speakers  
1950's National Amp Glenwood 2x12 Jensens
1950's Gibson GA 40 w. original Jensen
Late 1950 early 1960 Fender Bassman
fender bassman back   fender princeton and reverb   mesa boogie  
Fender Bassman showing tube and circuit board with original jensen speakers
1964 Fender Black Faced Princeton Reverb
Mesa Boogie amp, probably the heaviest amp for it's size we have seen.  The Koa wood looks amazing !
hiwatt custom
sears silvertone amp with tremolo and reverb effects
16 fender bandmaster
Hiwatt custom 50 - 50 watts
Sears Silvertone 6x10 100 watts with original Jensens w. reverb and tremolo
1962 fender bandmaster wheat grill white tolex back face panel
marshall combo   Fender Vibrosonic and reverb   marshall JTM 45  
1992 Marshall Combo Amp 50th anniversary limited edition blue celestion speaker
1970's Fender Vibrosonic with reverb
Marshall Limited edition JTM 45 offset stack with celestion speaker
Marshall JMP
Fender Super Reverb
1972 Marshall JMP
1966 Fender Super Reverb
1953 Tweed Fender Champ
1959 Danelectro Twin
1973 Marshall Specialist
1966 Fender Princeton Reverb
1959 Danelectro Twin
1973 Marshall Specialist
1966 Fender Princeton Reverb
1965 fender reverb   57 fender champ in tweed   1963 fender champ in black  
1965 Fender Reverb
1957 Fender Deluxe in Tweed
1963 Fender Champ in black
1967_marshall_jtm_50_plexi   1979 Marsahll JMP   1979 Fender Vibrolux  
1967 Marshall JTM 50 Plexi
1979 Marshall JMP
1979 Fender Vibrolux

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