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Buy a Vintage Fender Stratocaster, Jaguar and Jazz Master or Vintage Gibson SG, EB0, EB3 or Les Paul Junior.
Vintage Gibson Guitars, Fender Guitars, Vintage Marshall Amps
Buy a Vintage Fender Stratocaster, Jaguar and Jazz Master or Vintage Gibson SG, EB0, EB3 or Les Paul Junior.

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Rock N Roll Vintage is a vintage guitar dealer selling guitars world wide.  Poular guitars include Fender, Gibson, Rickenbacker and Gretsch guitars and vintge fender and marshall amps.

buy and sell vintage guitars and amps

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Welcome to Rock N Roll Vintage
Vintage Guitars, Vintage Amps, Pedals and More !

Chicago Guitar Store Hours: M - W - F  Noon to 6 , Tu - Th Noon to 7 and Saturdays Noon to 5 p.m. Closed Holidays

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1992 Rickenbacker 360-12 Fireglo
1968 Rickenbacker 381-330 Prototype Fireglo
1995 Rickenbacker 330 Jetglo
2009 Rickenbacker 620/12 12 String Fireglo

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Note: We also carry Kay, Hofner Guitars and more.   New gear is arriving daily, please contact us for our latest inventory

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fender bass, rickenbacker bass, gibson bass, hofner bass Fender Bass vintage Gibson Bass used Rickenbacker Bass Hofner violin, club and Kay basses Other Vintage and Used Basses

    vintage, used and new acoustic guitars for sale
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Frye Guitars made in USA

About Our Shop

We Buy Sell and Trade Vintage Guitars, Used Guitars, Basses and Amps world wide.  We stock Vintage Fender Guitars,
Vintage Gibson Guitars, Rickenbacker Basses, Ludwig Drums and loads of other new and used electric and acoustic guitars well as a wide range of amps and effects.

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vintage martin, guild, silvertone, epiphone and other brands.  vintage rickenbacker used guitars vintage gretsch used guitars Vintage Gibson Used Guitars buy lakland bass Verellen amps including the Meatsmoke, skyhammer, Loucks and Spaldo Buy divided by 13 amps JMI Amps

vintage martin, guild, silvertone, epiphone and other brands.  vintage rickenbacker used guitars vintage gretsch used guitars Vintage Gibson Used Guitars

Contact us about buying a guitar with skype  Live in Europe, Australia or Asia ?  Contact us with Skype !

At Rock N Roll Vintage we're all about providing you with the best
Vintage Guitars, Used Guitars, Amps and Effects Pedals Online.

We're a Chicago vintage guitar, used guitar dealer and repair shop supporting players, collectors and investors.  Our showroom isn't your typical guitar store.  We show our electric and acoustic guitars in a comfortable laid back environment.  We know there's nothing like the sound of a classic Marshall tube amplifier with a Gibson Les Paul, SG or Fender Stratocaster.  Browse our vintage guitar web site and if you're in the Chicago area we hope you call or stop by.  We have classics and rare guitars from Fender, Marshall, Gibson, PRS, Rickenbacker and Martin as well as other top vintage guitars and amp brands. We also sell accessories including Fulltone, T-Rex, Zvex, Divided by 13, Keeley, Teese and Electro Harmonix effects pedals, THD, JMI, Divided by 13, Vox and Cornford amps, Fralin, Duncan Joe Barden pickups and TonePros bridges.  Please stop back often as our vintage guitar store inventory changes frequently. We have customers worldwide and can ship anywhere.  Give us a call now if you're interested in buying a great original Strat, SG, vintage bass or amp.  We also sell new guitars and basses.  Call 773-878-8616 or send email to:

News: - Magnatone amps are back and better than ever.  The Magnatone vibrato is exactly as it was in the original Magnatone and they have a with vastly improved front end and power sections.  We're a Magnatone dealer.  Stop by our shop or give us a shout for a price quote.  We've just received a new shipment of Red Panda pedals.  See our complete pedal shop page.

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buying guitars if you are selling a vintage guitar  We Buy, Sell and Trade Guitars - We're always looking to buy an original condition Gibson or Fender bass, guitar, or Fender amp.  See our buying guitars page for info

Expert vintage guitar repair basses, amp biasing, speaker recoming and tube replacement.a

Expert Acoustic and Electric Guitar Repair

Rock N Roll Vintage offers complete guitar and bass guitar repair and restoration as well as tube replacement and amp biasing.   We treat every guitar in for repairs like it's one of our own. Whether you need a simple set up or fret dressing to a head stock repair or complete fret job you've come to the right place.   For more information on dropping off guitars, repair prices and repair policies please click Here or on the image to the left.

Zildjian Cymbals for Sale buy xotic pedals Buy hbe pedal from homebrew electronics lakland bass - we sell lakland basses Korg keyboards and synthesizers death by audio Dynamic Amps Buy Zvex pedals and effects Vox Amps for sale Guyatone Pedals Keeley Electronics Pedals Duncan Pickups Ludwig Drums and Snares Catalinbread pedals get great reviews Seagull acoustic and electric acoustic guitars Lehle Amp Switches Joe Barden Pickups for sale TC Electronic bass amps and effects pedals THD Amps Kay Vintage Reissue Guitars and Basses Cornford Amps Buy Eventide Pedals Way Huge aqua puss Moog effects pedals South wave audio pedals Ultimate Attenuator Pedaltrain Pedalboards and flight cases Chicago Iron Pedals EGC Aluminum Necks and Guitars T-rex pedals for sale Rockett Pedals for sale Hofner violin and club Basses and verythin Guitars Carl Martin Pedals Lag Guitars, we buy and sell  LAG acoustic guitars pigtrinix pedals and effects guitar books Trex Try Lindy Fralin pickups Divided by 13 amps Pedaltrain pedalboards Zvex Fulltone Pedals, TTE and Wahs Buy Red Witch Pedals JIM Amp sale
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More about our Guitar Shop:  We sell vintage guitars to the vintage guitar and bass guitar buyer and the vintage guitar collector.  We offer a wide range of musical instruments, expert guitar repairs and our customers tell us we are one of the best boutique guitar shops in Chicago ! We offer many discounts, call or email us for our best price or to see what's on sale.   We ship vintage guitars world wide including the UK, France, Germany, HK, Korea, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Brazil, Australia, Argentina, Canada, Norway, Denmark, and Japan.

Call or Email our Chicago guitar store if you have any questions on vintage amps, used and vintage guitars or you want to sell your guitar. 

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We're a Chicago Guitar Store Offering Online Vintage Guitar Books and serial numbers for  Used Guitar Values.  Vintage basse, guitare, vintage gitarrre and basso FX shop in Chicago.
Rock N Roll Vintage Inc.
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 Australian toll free number (during store hours): 1.800.813.658

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buy vintage guitars such as vintage gibson and fender guitars in chicago with from rock and roll vintage plus divided by 13 amps in our chicago guitar storesWe sell to guitar investors and players in LA, New York, Miam.i We accept AMEX and  will buy vintage marshall and divided by 13 amps plus fender amps.

   We buy guitars - we are buying guitars if you are selling a vintage guitar

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Vintage Fender Guitars  - Vintage Gibson Guitars  -  Rickenbacker Bass Guitars  -  Vintage Marshall Amps
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Vintage and Used Gibson Guitars for sale Vintage and Used Fender Guitars for sale Bintage and Used Gretsch Guitars Vintage and Used Rickenbacker Guitars Vintage and Used Marshall Amps for sale buy Divided by 13 Amps Buy Cornford Amps Buy Vox amps and nightrain online Buy JMI Amps Dynamic Amps buy lakland bass Verellen amps including the Meatsmoke, skyhammer, Loucks and Spaldo Buy divided by 13 amps JMI Amps